How Can I Organize a Garage Without Open Shelves?

Over half of all single-family homes in the U.S. have garages, and 65% of newly-built homes are built with two-car garages. Oddly enough, more people use them for storage than parking!

A nationwide homeowner study found 93% use the garage for storage while just 84% use it to park their cars. Reasons include not having enough storage in the house, using in-home storage spaces for other things, and wanting to hide clutter in the garage.

It’s no wonder so many garages become cluttered and disorganized. If you’d like to organize a garage that looks clean and tidy, here are our top tips.

Declutter Your Home and Garage Simultaneously

First, resist the urge to just purge items from your home and cram them into the garage. Your other rooms might feel more organized, but your garage could become overwhelmingly messy.

Instead, declutter your home with a thoughtful and comprehensive home edit. Remove unwanted items from every room, including the garage, and box them up for sale, charitable donation, giving away to friends and family, or going to the landfill. 

When you have fewer belongings, focusing on your most useful and treasured things is easier. Place out-of-season and rarely-used items in bins and baskets. Now you’re ready for a true garage makeover.

Install a Modern Garage Storage System

The world’s most organized garages have built-in garage storage systems. Today’s garage organization systems are adaptable and flexible because they offer a wide variety of prefabricated and customizable parts. Choose your preferred layout, color, materials, and other details to suit your tastes.

If you prefer to keep all storage out of sight, install a fully enclosed garage closet system with drawers, cabinets, and closets. This type of modern garage storage system blends into the walls and gives the appearance of a very neat and organized room.

Try to get everything up off the floor and into your storage system. Garage organizing experts say eliminating floor clutter is one of the best ways to give your garage an orderly look.

Don’t worry that your garage isn’t the right size or shape for a built-in storage system. Any garage, from the smallest garages to the largest fully-detached showroom garages, can be custom-fitted with the perfect storage system.

Organize a garage from top to bottom with storage features like:

  • Fully enclosed overhead storage racks
  • Handsome garage cabinetry with doors and drawers
  • Garage attic storage with a fold-out ladder/door
  • A built-in or rolling tool storage cabinet
  • Hidden storage built between wall studs

Upgrade Your Garage With Diplomat Closet Design

There’s no need to keep everything out in the open in your garage. With organizing help from the storage pros at Diplomat Closet Design, you can create a sleek, high-end look.

Browse our Garage Gallery to see examples of well-organized garages with fully enclosed garage storage systems. When you’re ready for an upgrade, contact us for expert design and installation.