Bust Clutter With These Detached Garage Storage Ideas

Do you have a detached garage? For many homeowners, it’s a dream to have a spacious, organized detached garage for storing vehicles, motorcycles, bikes, tools, toys, outdoor gear, and everything else.

But without proper organization, clutter creeps in. A dream garage quickly becomes a nightmare. Fully 50% of all U.S. homeowners say their garage is the most disorganized area in their house!

If that sounds like your home, read on. We’ve rounded up a helpful set of clutter-busting detached garage storage ideas.

Give Your Garage a Decluttering

Start by taking some time to assess what’s in your garage. Does it just need some light organization or is your garage totally overloaded with extra stuff? 

A nationwide study found that the COVID-19 crisis impacted how people view garage storage and home organization in general. While stuck at home during the pandemic, many people felt a strong urge to purge excess belongings and get more organized.

Set aside a few hours to sort through what’s in your garage and see what you could live without. Chances are, you have some excess clutter that could be donated, sold, or given away. Now you’ve opened up much more storage space to work with.

Take a Systematic Approach

A built-in garage storage system could completely refresh your garage and give you almost endless storage options. These systems can handle an enormous variety of organizational features, including: 

  • Tool racks
  • Slide-out drawers
  • Open shelves
  • Corner shelves
  • Cabinets
  • Closets
  • Bins
  • Pegboards
  • Hanging wire baskets
  • Ceiling storage
  • Sliding and rolling floor storage
  • Hooks and clips
  • Spring-action clips and clamps
  • Trash and recycling bin storage
  • Built-in and rolling seating
  • Locking storage for valuables

Your new garage storage system can even match the overall look and feel of your house, from bright white to a rich wood-like look. This makes your garage truly feel like a stylish room in your home rather than just a messy storage area.

Add Features and Amenities

Garages aren’t just for storage! You can also add all kinds of amenities that allow you to get things accomplished. 

Does someone in your home do car repairs? Participate in sports? Enjoy woodworking or handicrafts? Create a space to do each of these activities and store related gear.

Ideas for garage amenities:

  • Utility sink or kitchen-style farm sink
  • Paper towel holder or towel bar
  • Enclosed painting station with ventilation
  • Pet washing area
  • Drawers for nuts, bolts, and other hardware
  • Mounted/folding task lights
  • Doored cabinets for sports equipment, lawn equipment, and more
  • Rolling storage for a heavy air compressor or table saw
  • Pulleys and hoists for auto work or safe ceiling storage
  • Mini-fridge and snack shelf
  • Heavy-grip flooring or a stylish custom floor design

The best part about adding amenities like these is that your garage suddenly feels like a functional and welcoming place. You might even be inspired to try a new hobby because now you have the perfect spot to enjoy it in your garage without worrying about clutter.

Get More Detached Garage Storage Ideas

When you’re ready to amp up the storage in your detached garage, we’re here to help. Reach out to Diplomat Closet Design for a consultation about improving your detached garage storage.

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