Organization Hacks: Simplify Your Life with Custom Closet Ideas

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Everyone loves a closet that’s the epitome of organization. Why? Consider the alternative.

A cluttered closet piled high with clothes, shoes, and accessories is an eyesore that can easily make you feel stressed. When it’s almost impossible to find what you’re looking for, you can get frustrated even before you get dressed. Not a great way to start your day.That’s where custom closets can help.

10 Ways Custom Closets Can Organize Your Space

Whether you have small wardrobes or spacious walk-in storage, custom closets are all about designing an efficient yet beautiful organization system that can not only adjust to fit your spaces but utilize every nook and cranny to arrange all your stuff in a visually appealing way. Get ready to maximize your closet space! Here are the ways custom closet organization can simplify your life.

1. A Mix of Storage Solutions Keeps Things Neat

The latest trends in closet design call for a variety of ways to store your stuff that not only organize your closet but invite you into the space. Use it all: drawers, shelving, clothes racks, and more, that neatly place all the things you need to store inside.

2. Lighting Does Wonders

Closet lights are not just for ceilings anymore. Smart lighting solutions can be added to shelving, drawers, and even clothes racks to brighten up the entire space. Your fashion decisions will be a breeze because you’ll be able to see all your things more clearly. Your closet will look fashionable, too.

3. One Color Creates a Cohesive Space

What’s an easy way to keep your closet looking bright and cohesive? Sticking with one color for the design. The atmosphere will feel more calm and comfortable.

4. Lighted Clothes Racks and Pull-Out Pants Racks

A row of lighted rack organizers looks sleek and stylish while keeping your clothes well cared for. A pull-out rack for pants keeps them wrinkle-free. Plus, hanging them up to the ceiling makes the most of the vertical space.

Considering a Closet Upgrade?

When you want improved closet organization, our Closet Lookbook has smart hacks and beautiful solutions to help you create the custom closets of your dreams. Download yours today!

5. Use Drawers for Everything

Using drawers for storage frees up much-needed counter space. Drawers are especially great for small items that tend to get misplaced, like socks, sunglasses, cufflinks, and jewelry. Storing belts in drawers tames unruly lengths and protects their beauty. Makeup drawers neatly organize lipsticks, foundations, and concealers but also makeup brushes, sponges, and mirrors.

6. Messy Shelves? Not a Problem

Use baskets, fabric bins, plastic crates, or clear boxes to keep bulky sweaters, shoes, off-season wear, and accessories organized instead of out in the open. Installing LED lights makes it easier to see what’s there. 

7. Display Areas Feature Your Favorite Things

Create a display area to organize everyday accessories, hats, handbags, necklaces, and other collections of your favorite things. The display can double as decorative decor in your closet space.

8. Install Hidden Storage

Today’s technology helps make closets more secure with hidden spaces with digital locks to keep valuables safe. On the flip side, hidden storage such as a built-in hamper will keep closet floors free of clothes, towels, and other linens.

9. Keep Shoes Off the Floor

With a built-in shoe rack or shoe cubbies, you can organize your footwear by color, activity, and season so you can quickly grab a pair and go.

10. A Comfy Seat Creates a Lush Experience

If you have the space, having a comfortable place to sit right inside your closet is a special touch that makes you feel pampered and luxurious.

Schedule an In-studio Design Appointment Today

Are you ready to update your storage to custom closets? An expert closet designer can help you create a customized space that not only suits your personality and style but keeps all your stuff neat and organized

Why not request an in-studio design appointment with Diplomat Closet Design to see all the custom closet organization options we have to offer? Simply choose a time that works for you.

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