Minimalism: The Latest Trend in Custom Closets

Minimalism is expected to be one of 2024’s strongest trends in home design, including closet storage and organization. Why? Here are some of the factors influencing a new rise in minimalism.

From Hoarding to Decluttering

First, there’s no denying the long-lasting impact of the pandemic on homes, lifestyles, and human psychology. While many people felt an urge to hoard at the height of the pandemic, this feeling is fading in favor of a desire to declutter.

Today’s minimalist movement, or contemporary minimalism, reevaluates the relationship between people and consumer objects. It’s a fresh and sustainable take on “less is more” where people consider the ethical and social impacts of the items they bring into their homes.

Minimalism in Fashion and Clothing Styles

Another aspect of the trend comes from the world of fashion design. As Vogue explains, minimalism encourages people to reflect on what they’d like to leave behind or live without.

There’s no one-size-fits-all approach to minimalism in fashion, but it usually falls on the side of simplicity. Someone with a minimalist fashion sense might wear crisp, monochromatic clothing and delicate jewelry. Rather than fussy or ornate textures, they may gravitate toward airy, breathable fabrics.

Having a minimalist closet is a must for someone who prefers minimalism in their clothing and home decor. Consider decluttering your bedroom closet with a fashion-forward edit of your entire wardrobe, including shoes and accessories. 

When you have less to store after a closet cleanout, keeping the remaining items organized and maintaining a minimalist look is much easier.

Warm Minimalism in Home Decor

In home design, experts are predicting that the new vision of minimalism for 2024 and beyond will be warmer, more organic, and less severe. This is not the sleek black-and-white minimalism of the past. 

Modern minimalist interiors might include bright, uplifting tones like trendy peach or sky blue. Today’s minimalist interiors also shy away from hard, shiny surfaces. Instead, they incorporate welcoming and touchable textures like rattan, bouclé, and handwoven fabrics. 

Hardware can be the same color as the cabinets and doors, blending out of sight. Alternatively, hide the hardware with push-latches, hidden magnets, or recessed handleless grip edges.

Minimalism in Custom Closets

In closet design, achieving minimalism comes from a combination of creating a thoughtful layout and carefully selecting the right materials and finishes. Your closet should welcome you inside and locating things within it each day should feel easy and satisfying.

A minimalist closet may include organizing features like:

  • A single long, white clothing bar around the entire closet 
  • Open shelving with stylish baskets or boxes
  • Closed shelving to hide clutter out of sight
  • A wall-hung organization system for shoes, purses, and hats
  • Hidden storage for small items like jewelry and watches
  • Paint, hardware, and flooring to match the rest of the home
  • Bright, warm lighting

Give extra thought to how you organize your belongings in your most-used closets. Consider placing out-of-season items in another storage area. Avoid cramming things together and allow visual space between items.

Most of all, customize your closets to meet your needs. Every item deserves a comfortable place to sit until you use it. This is the key to enjoying your closets each day while maintaining a minimalist look.

How to Create a Minimalist Custom Closet in Your Home

Are you ready to go minimalist this year? A custom closet designer can help you develop a completely organized closet layout to suit your style and lifestyle.

Contact Diplomat Closet Design for the design expertise and high-quality materials you need to achieve a minimalist look in your closets.

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