3 Reasons Why a Mudroom Increases Home Value

Mudrooms are in high demand because they make life feel so much easier and more organized. You’ll appreciate having a handy mudroom every day – and if you ever sell your house, the next homeowners will, too! 

Realtor.com advises that homeowners who invest money in mudrooms “will recoup it due to the mudroom’s popularity.” According to Dan Simms at Angi.com, a mudroom will usually increase a home’s value, especially if it uses previously wasted space in a garage, porch, or closet. 

1. Mudrooms Solve Storage Dilemmas

Mudrooms are growing in popularity because they add extra storage, and storage is one of the top requests among homebuyers. Fixr’s annual study revealed “extra storage” was ranked number 8 out of the 16 top homeowner priorities, with 81% of homeowners saying it was important to very important.

Plus, mudroom storage is usually conveniently located just inside your front or back door. The extra space in the mudroom allows everyone to stow away coats, hats, boots, bookbags, and everything else that comes indoors.

The best mudrooms are packed with an array of helpful storage features. Make sure your mudroom has plenty of cabinets, drawers, and closets. You can even add a wall-mounted storage system with pegs and hooks to hold more frequently used items out in the open for easy access.

2. Mudrooms Keep Things Clean

Another benefit of the mudroom is right in its name: mud control. Your mudroom keeps your home clean and prevents soiled items from entering the rest of your house. This results in an overall more hygienic and healthy environment for everyone in your household.

The U.S. Surgeon General issued a Call to Action to Promote Healthy Homes, showing the risks of dirty houses. Poor indoor home hygiene is associated with higher rates of asthma, cancer, cardiovascular disease, psychological distress, and other health issues.

Mudroom Features for Maximum Cleanliness:

  • Waterproof flooring for easy mopping
  • Stain and water-resistant rugs
  • A boot scraper with a removable mat
  • A shoe-drying rack with a drip tray
  • An umbrella stand or coat rack
  • Cubbyholes and shelving to keep things off the floor
  • A pet washing/drying station
  • Individually labeled bins for children’s items
  • A utility sink with soap and hand sanitizer

3. Mudrooms Combine Style With Function

Mudrooms aren’t just functional. Mudrooms can be beautiful, too! This is your opportunity to take an otherwise utilitarian room and give it a sophisticated style.

Dress up your mudroom with a designer wall color, millwork details, and elegant hardware. Consider adding a few decor touches like handwoven baskets or greenery. Top it all off with a luxurious light fixture hanging from the ceiling.

To inspire you, here are a few of our favorite mudroom galleries:

Increase Your Home’s Value With a Mudroom

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