Why 85% of Homeowners Want a Walk-in Kitchen Pantry

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Did you know a walk-in pantry is one of the most desirable features in kitchen design? If you dream of a spacious kitchen pantry, you’re not alone.

Research from the National Association of Home Builders (NAHB) shows that 85% of home buyers want a walk-in pantry in their next kitchen. In homes where walk-in pantries aren’t possible, oversized and double pantries are also in high demand.

What Is a Walk-in Kitchen Pantry?

A walk-in kitchen pantry is larger than a traditional reach-in pantry or closet, allowing someone to step fully inside as they store and retrieve items. Walk-in kitchen pantries come in many forms, from corner closets used for bonus storage to huge, lavish butler’s pantries.

Typically, the shelves and storage features in a walk-in kitchen pantry are arranged in a U shape around the door or an L shape on two sides. However, there is no rule saying a pantry must be designed or organized in any particular way. Customize your pantry to meet your needs.

How Big Is a Walk-in Kitchen Pantry?

Many are relatively small spaces, simply allowing added storage for nonperishables and kitchen equipment outside the main part of the kitchen. These pantries are typically about 5 by 5 feet square or slightly larger at 5 by 6 feet rectangular.

Other walk-in kitchen pantries are quite large and almost serve as bonus mini kitchens for the homeowners or cooking staff. These pantries may have luxurious features like wine coolers, extra sinks, food prep stations, customized storage for kitchen appliances, and hidden storage nooks for valuables like china and silver.

Why Is a Walk-in Pantry Better Than an Ordinary Pantry?

Many people desire walk-in pantries as opposed to smaller pantries simply because they offer so much added storage. You could gain 25 to 100 square feet or more storage area by adding a walk-in pantry to your kitchen.

A large pantry also allows you to see your food and equipment more easily, making it faster and more enjoyable to cook each day. Ensure your pantry has enough bright lighting to see deep inside its many shelves and storage features.

Another reason to have a walk-in pantry is to provide extra space for the things you need to enhance your lifestyle. Your pantry can hold important items that are too large or bulky for the rest of your kitchen, including:

  • Specialty food preparation equipment and appliances
  • Protein and nutrition shake containers
  • Bulk-size nonperishable food cans, jars, and containers
  • Packages of bottled water, wine, beer, and more
  • Large packs of kids’ snacks and favorite foods
  • Holiday serving ware

Is it Worthwhile to Add a Walk-in Pantry to My Kitchen?

A walk-in kitchen pantry is a good investment because you’ll get plenty of use out of it as you cook and entertain. If you ever sell your home, you’ll offer a desirable feature. 

Homes & Gardens reports that a butler’s pantry typically brings a 50% to 70% return on investment, and Remodeling Magazine says adding any type of pantry generally brings an ROI of about 70%.

Above all else, a walk-in pantry could help you fall in love with your kitchen all over again. Imagine upgrading your kitchen with a tidy, stylish walk-in pantry. 

Yes! We Can Design a Walk-in Kitchen Pantry

When you’re ready to redesign your kitchen to add new features, contact Diplomat Closet Design. We’ll help you add a stylish and organized walk-in pantry that makes it a pleasure to use your kitchen.

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