10 Hacks for Garage Storage

How organized is your garage? Is it totally neat and tidy or is it a dumping ground for clutter? 

For most homeowners, the biggest problem with the garage is a lack of useful storage options. Without proper storage features, the garage is just a big, dark box. Add the right storage solutions, and suddenly the garage is much more functional and fun to use.

Here are 10 smart things anyone can do to improve their garage storage.

1- Garage Storage System

Installing a wall-mounted garage storage system is the closest thing to waving a magic wand that organizes your garage. It instantly provides fresh storage options like shelves, cabinets, drawers, and closets. Now your garage is both more beautiful and more functional.

2- Wall-Mounted Tool Rack

Take full advantage of the space by adding tool racks along the walls. Line up all your screwdrivers in a wall-mounted block that has a hole for each one. Create slots for everything from shovels to scissors. Tool racks can be custom designed to fit all types of tools.

3- Lawncare Lineup

Dreaming of a spring makeover? Make lawn care a breeze this spring and summer by organizing all of your lawn tools. Clips and clamps can hold things like trimmers, pruners, loppers, and watering cans. Wall-mounted baskets are good for gloves, twine, and other assorted gardening items. Keep fertilizers and other chemicals in a dedicated cabinet that’s up high, away from children and pets.

4- Slatwalls, Pegboards, and Magnets

If you need help controlling clutter, consider installing an adjustable slatwall or pegboard. These versatile wall-mounted storage features allow fast, easy changes among all types of hooks and holders. A magnetic block is also a great way to store metal items like snippers, pliers, paintbrushes, razors, and rulers.

5- Vertical Bins, Buckets, and Baskets

Bins and buckets can be attached directly to the walls to provide handy storage within easy reach. You can also group them on shelves and inside cabinets for maximum storage capacity. If you prefer a stylish look that complements your home’s interior decor, use attractive woven baskets or wood bins.

6- Wide Worktop With Hidden Storage

A large countertop in the garage is a great investment for two reasons. It creates an instant workspace for getting things done and it adds a natural spot for hidden storage underneath. Install cabinets made of versatile melamine for easy cleaning, moisture resistance, and long-term durability.

7- Ceiling Storage Options

Walk into your garage and look up. Is there room overhead for additional storage? Ceiling hooks, clamps, and pulleys can handle all kinds of bulky items. This is the perfect way to store things like bikes, scooters, pool toys, sports equipment, kayaks, and out-of-season holiday decor.

8- Oversize Cabinets and Closets

Consider adding a few extra-large cabinets or closets to the garage. A cabinet that would seem huge inside your kitchen seems right at home in your garage. The hulking size of the space allows for oversize storage that keeps clutter behind closed doors and out of sight.

9- Rolling Racks

Imagine having a storage cabinet that rolls over to wherever you need it. This is the ideal solution for auto tools, for example, because they’re heavy and are only used occasionally. A rolling cabinet is also great for storing crafting or gardening gear that can roll out when needed.

10- Power Strips and Chargers

Finally, don’t forget to add plenty of outlets to charge all your assorted tools and devices – everything from cordless drills to smartphones. A hidden powerstrip or charging station in the garage makes life easier for the whole family. 

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