6 Ways To Utilize Kitchen Storage Space

April 5, 2019

You probably spend as much time in your kitchen as you do in your living room. The kitchen is one of the most-used household spaces, a place where people can gather together for cooking and conversation. It’s no wonder that kitchen upgrades are one of the best investments you can make in your home. A…

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How To Declutter Your Closet

5 Tips for Organizing Your Closet Storage

March 11, 2019

Imagine how great it would feel to shake off this stress and get your closets in order. At Diplomat Closet Design, we help people experience refreshing closet transformations every day. Here are our 5 top tips for organizing your closet storage. 1- Group Like with Like First, don’t be tempted to simply take all the…

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Ugly Closet?

September 18, 2018

We all have them. That one closet that is the equivalent of that one junk drawer in the kitchen. It has become the collector for all things you aren’t ready to throw away, but let’s be honest, you have no idea what is actually in there. You are not alone. And we want to help.…

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The White Whale

April 25, 2017

We hear it all the time. Ikea has created a super store for the “average Joe” to go pick up virtually any piece of home furniture, build it themselves and hypothetically have their entire house furnished at a fraction of the cost of hiring a contractor.

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5 Suggestions to Help Tame Toymageddon this Holiday Season

December 17, 2016

The shopping is done, the kids are in bed, you throw on your winter flannels & cozy up on the living room floor surrounded by rolls of wrapping paper. Your favorite holiday movie begins and you scan around the room at all the bags and boxes full of goodies to wrap. That’s when it hits you…. “Where are we going to put all of this?!”

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Optimizing the Unused Space in Your Home

November 30, 2016

There are many reasons you may be looking for more space within your home. Here are 4 easy ideas to get you thinking about how to best utilize your space.

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12 Tips To Get The Perfect Laundry Room

October 17, 2016

Is your laundry room housed in a closet, a corner in the basement, or is it an entire room of its own? Does it serve double duty as a mud room or storage area, too? It’s high time your hard working laundry room gets the attention it craves.

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Home Office Must Haves

September 13, 2016

Before PCs, very few homeowners had home offices. Most got up in the morning and ‘went to work’. At the end of the day, people ‘went home’. The introduction of affordable PCs, Fax machines, and cordless phones offered some workers the option to ‘telecommute.’ The concept was new and exciting!

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Not your grandmother’s pantry

August 7, 2016

Once upon a time, the kitchen pantry was a free-standing piece of furniture and often the only workspace in the kitchen. In the early 1900’s, the Hoosier Manufacturing Company of Indiana developed what came to be known as the Hoosier Cabinet. It was proudly billed as ‘pantry and kitchen in one’ since it provided both the ease of storage as well as the kitchen’s workspace.

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Celebrity Closets to Die for: Inspiration to Stir Your Imagination

July 7, 2016

Organized master closets are a must-have for every on-the-go homeowner and anyone looking to increase the resale potential of their home in the future. Custom master closets can be designed as practical storage spaces or lavish dressing rooms as well as anything in between…they can satisfy the need for both function and form by giving everything its proper place and by serving as a serene and orderly enclave that reflects your taste and even showcases treasured pieces of jewelry, shoes, purses, and any other accessory you can imagine.

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