Give Your Neighbors Garage Envy with These Built-Ins

Is your garage wow-ing the neighbors for all the wrong reasons? If it’s cluttered and dirty, it’s a bit embarrassing for anyone to see it!

But the whole neighborhood gets a glimpse every time your garage door opens. Garages are usually located front-and-center in modern homes, so your garage is like a giant window into your life.

Instead of showing off a mess, consider upgrading your home with a custom garage built-in. Here are some handsome examples from Diplomat Closet Design — the custom designer that’s refreshing garages in Southeastern Pennsylvania, Delaware, and all Shore Points.

Cruise into Your Motorcycle Showroom

If someone in your family is a car or motorcycle enthusiast, the garage is the ideal spot to create a custom showroom/repair shop. But this is no dusty, dirty auto mechanic’s garage! It’s a rough-and-ready gearhead’s paradise with high-end style.

Start by adding flooring that’s tough and durable yet fashionable. Look for specialty flooring designed for garages and outdoor buildings because it can resist almost any kind of damage, including tire and scuff marks.

A garage workshop like this needs all the right features: a long work table, plenty of storage cabinets, and built-in wall storage solutions for auto repair tools, plus lawn maintenance equipment. It’s also a good idea to add a sink with running water so that you can wash up after doing all the dirty work.

Make sure your new garage fits perfectly into your home’s overall look by extending colors and materials from indoors right out into the garage. For example, warm honey tones and wood-look cabinetry look period-appropriate for a renovated Mainline home that retains its original hardwood floors.

A Garage Goes from Ordinary to Extraordinary

Any small or standard-size garage feels much more spacious after a thoughtful custom redesign. By getting everything up off the floor and hidden inside cabinets, suddenly your garage seems to double in size.

We strongly recommend keeping clutter from building up around a vehicle, especially if you own a valuable or classic car that would be heartbreaking to have damaged. Improve your garage storage and give your ride room to breathe!

Show Off Your Organizational Skills

Imagine having a neighbor peek into your garage, and all they can see is pure organization from floor to ceiling. A built-in garage storage system offers this kind of next-level storage.

Take a look at the world’s best garage storage systems, and you’ll see a wide variety of organizational features: cabinets, shelves, drawers, closets, hooks, clips, bins, and much more. A custom garage builder can offer a unique-to-you mix of storage solutions that suit your stuff and your lifestyle.

Here’s a list of handy features to consider adding to your new garage:

  • Utility sink and cleanup station
  • Pet washing station
  • Paper towel roll holder and/or towel bar
  • Rack of small storage drawers for nuts and bolts
  • Mini-fridge and snack area
  • Portable or fold-away task lights
  • Wall storage system with pegs and hooks
  • Custom-designed cabinets for sports, auto, and lawn equipment
  • Built-in rolling storage for heavy items like an air compressor or table saw
  • Heavy-grip flooring for wet and oily environments
  • Ergonomic and assistive features like padded floor mats and chairs
  • Pulleys and hoists that allow safe auto work and easy ceiling storage

How to Give Your Garage a Makeover Now

Ready to turn your garage into something more welcoming and functional with custom built-ins? Reach out to Diplomat Closet Design. We’ll design a gorgeous garage that gives the whole neighborhood a big dose of garage envy.

If you live in the Bryn Athyn, Gradyville or Paoli areas, contact us today for a consultation.

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