5 Impressive Custom Garage Design Ideas Seen on the Main Line

Take a drive through Pennsylvania’s Main Line and you’ll see beautiful homes lining every street. The area’s original 19th and early 20th-century home designs are some of the architectural wonders of the East Coast.

From the outside, it’s easy to see a stately Main Line home’s stunning design, but inside there are even more wonders to behold: sprawling parlors, gabled pavilions, antique glass and metalwork, and charming asymmetrical floor plans that are unique to the Main Line.

But there’s one thing that’s more difficult to spot: a garage. Because garages weren’t part of the old Main Line home designs, they now exist in three primary ways:

  • Converted carriage houses, servants’ quarters, and other original structures
  • Newer structures built in the last 60 years or so
  • Home interior rooms that have been converted into garage space

Today, any of these options can become a practical and beautiful garage with the help of a custom garage designer. Here are five of the best custom designs we’ve seen on the Main Line and beyond.

1. Functional and Fun 

While the exterior of a Main Line home tends to look rather serious, a garage can be the perfect space to add a bit of personal flair. In this custom garage, the homeowner has a blend of whimsical checkerboard flooring and handsome wood cabinetry.

A bicycle rests comfortably on a ceiling rack and there is plenty of storage space for sports gear, tools, and other belongings. This garage feels spacious, but it’s actually not a huge space. It proves that organization is the key to getting the most out of your garage.

2. A Workroom and a Showroom

This garage is home to a different kind of bike: a motorcycle. The homeowner needed a safe, spacious spot to store their motorcycle while still having plenty of room for a worktable, storage cabinets, and lawn maintenance equipment.

The floor looks sleek and stylish, but it’s made of a tough and durable material that will resist tire marks and look great for decades to come. Warm, honey colors on the walls and flooring look great with the wood worktops and keep the overall look as cozy as any interior room in the house.

3. Smart Space-Saver

In this standard-size garage, space is at a premium. But this smaller garage shows why smart planning is so important.

Look closely. Do you see the storage opportunity that sits on the walls? Here’s a closer view of the custom-installed horizontal slat wall system.

With a wall storage system, the horizontal grooves have room for specialty hooks and hangers that maximize the use of the space. Use the walls to store tools, cords, sports equipment, pet gear, and more.

4. A Bedroom for a Sports Car

If you own a home on the Main Line, you might just own a high-end sports car too. You’ll need a beautiful spot to store it, and a custom garage is the perfect fit.

In this garage, tough-but-beautiful flooring looks sharp against the body of the homeowner’s Porsche. As you can see, there’s still plenty of storage space along the walls, but it’s up and away from the valuable vehicle. 

5. A Workhorse of a Workspace

Sometimes, the top priority is having plenty of space to work on car repairs, home projects, and other tasks that require lots of room to spread out. In this custom garage, there are two worktops, plus a built-in horizontal slat wall storage system. 

There’s a huge amount of cabinet storage space here, plus open shelves for bulky and heavily-used items. The homeowner, a Harley-Davidson enthusiast, has ample space to spend lots of time in the garage and feel just as comfortable as being in any other room of the home.

Adding a Custom Garage to Your Home

When you see custom garage designs like these, it makes you wonder what’s possible in your own garage. Ready to turn your space into something more beautiful and functional? Reach out to Diplomat Closet Design

We turn standard garages of all shapes and sizes into gorgeous custom rooms. Let’s talk about what we could do in your garage. To see more photos of garage makeovers, visit Diplomat Closet Design’s Garage Makeover Page or contact us to discuss giving your garage a fresh look.

We frequently travel to garages in all towns along the Main Line, including Ardmore, Bryn Mawr, Haverford, Gladwyne, Wayne, Radnor, Rosemont, Berwyn, Exton, Paoli, Malvern, and more.

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