3 Small Improvements for Your Laundry Room

Small changes to your laundry room can make a huge difference in your daily routine. Adding a few clever features to your laundry area will help you save time and minimize stress.

Which little features should you add to your laundry room for maximum impact? We have three big ideas to share. Here are some of the simplest things you can do in your laundry room to make a major difference in managing your laundry.

Add. More. Storage!

The first step to making laundry day easier is thinking strategically about simple storage options your laundry room lacks. When you have a laundry room storage plan, everyone in the household is less likely to leave things piling up in baskets or cluttering up the countertops.

To start brainstorming, think clean and think dirty. You need a storage plan for both clean laundry and dirty laundry because they’re at two separate ends of the same process.

To manage the clean stuff, consider simply adding two rows of long, open shelves above the washer and dryer. This is your clean zone. Now you have a handy space to stack everything as it comes out of the dryer, keeping it all organized and wrinkle-free until you move it to the linen closet or bedroom dresser.

For dirty stuff, designate a closet or drawer with an oversize basket that’s specifically for holding soiled clothes. You can even have separately labeled drawers/baskets for each person.

This is also the perfect place to direct your children or roommates when they come home covered in grime from doing sports and outdoor activities. Tell them, “Just toss it all in the laundry room closet!”

Choose a Laundry Room Hack

Some of the best organizing hacks are also the most basic. Would any of the following quick, easy laundry room hacks make it easier to keep your laundry organized?

Install casters on bins/baskets for easy laundry rolling.

Mount a flip-down ironing board behind the door as a space saver.

Use clear glass or plastic containers for laundry pods, scent beads, and dryer sheets.

Add a row of hooks or clips for sportswear and pet blankets that need frequent washing.

Put up a wall-mounted trash receptacle to save floor space in a small laundry room.

Turn the top of your front-loading washer/dryer into a counter or shelf.

Hang a sturdy rail from the ceiling to store clothes on hangers as you work.

Organize all your odds and ends, like hangers of various sizes, on a pegboard or wall-mounted storage system.

Style Brings a Smile

Does your laundry room need some fashion sense? A stylish laundry room is more fun and relaxing. Let your creativity flow by adding something special that brings a smile to your face.

Perhaps your laundry room is the perfect spot to create a focal wall of bright, eye-catching wallpaper for a pop of color and good cheer. Or maybe you’d enjoy the room more if it had a luxurious light fixture.

One of the top laundry room trends of the year is adding a multicolored or textured floor. Consider giving your laundry room a burst of style with black-and-white checkerboard flooring, herringbone wood, or a retro mosaic tile pattern. 

Fold, smile, repeat! Now laundry day is simpler and more fun!

Small Changes = Big Improvements

Ready to make small changes in your laundry room that make a big impact on your life? Diplomat Closet Design is here to help you plan the laundry room upgrades that suit your lifestyle and your home. To learn more, request an appointment.

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