Custom Mudroom & Laundry Room Ideas

Store Boots, Hats, and More!

It’s getting cold outside! That’s why it’s a great time to upgrade your mudroom or laundry room to add better storage for your boots, coats, hats, and all your other winter gear. Custom mudroom & laundry room ideas are a great way to get inspired!

Here’s a list of helpful mudroom and laundry room organization ideas that will have you ready for winter and every season to come.

Hooks for Hanging

Store hats, scarves, purses and more on handy hooks. One of the best things about hooks is that you can add them virtually anywhere you need a bit more storage: mudrooms, laundry rooms, garages, hallways, or tucked inside a coat closet.

When installing hooks, keep in mind exactly who will be using them. Children’s hooks should be hung much lower than adults’. If you add some low hooks in your mudroom or child’s room, you’ll have the perfect spot for backpacks and coats after school.

Seating With Hidden Storage

Here’s a two-in-one solution you’ll love during the cold winter months. It’s probably the biggest fan-favorite custom mudroom & laundry room ideas we’ve done. It’s a low seat with hidden storage underneath. You can either create a seat that lifts up on hinges or add sliding pull-out drawers under the seat. Either way, you’ll have a seat where you can tie your shoes and yank off your boots at the end of the day.

If your family is prone to sloshing around in muddy footwear, add an insert tray into the under-seat drawers than can easily be removed and cleaned. This is especially helpful if you have family members who participate in sports where shoes are constantly dirty. Tuck everything out of sight and keep the mess contained.

High Cabinets With Tough Hardware

Does your family have lots of seasonal odds and ends, but nowhere to store them? Or does someone have lots of purses, scarves, or hats? Sounds like you need some extra cabinets.

Ensure there’s plenty of storage by adding cabinets above a seating or countertop area in your mudroom or laundry room. We recommend using tough metal hardware that resists wear and moisture over time, so you can grab them with icy winter gloves and never do any damage.

One Nook Per Person

Another way to keep outerwear organized is to set up an area where each member of the family has a bin, hook, and/or drawer for their own stuff. If necessary – or just for fun – label each person’s nook with their name.

This means when everyone crowds into the mudroom to remove their winter gear, it will be clear where each person’s stuff goes, minimizing confusion. To keep the area looking stylish, use baskets or other storage containers that match your home decor.

Extra Storage in the Laundry Room

What if you don’t have a mudroom? What if you don’t even have a coat closet, or it’s already full? Here’s a way to find some extra storage: build it into your laundry room.

The laundry room is a great place to store extra hats, gloves, boots, snowsuits, and other winter gear. In fact, the laundry room can be the ideal place to hang these items when they’re drippy with snow and ice. When they’re dry, tuck them away in the cabinets and drawers you’ve added to your laundry room just for this purpose.

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