Best Closet Organization Ideas and Designs for 2020

Are your closets ready for 2020? Home designers are predicting a big year for home organization, hot on the heels of several years of increased consumer spending on closet storage systems. 

Since 2017, the installation of bedroom and hallway storage systems has risen by 3 percent, laundry room storage is up 10 percent and garage storage is up 10 percent. Experts attribute this to two long-term trends: open floor plans that create a need for hidden storage and the increase in multi-generational households that strains the limits of existing closets.

At Diplomat Closet Design, we like to stay ahead of the latest trends in closet organization. Here are some of the best ideas we’ve seen lately:

Blending Beauty and Utility

Back in the 1990s, it was good enough to simply stash your belongings in closets and keep the clutter behind closed doors. These days, it’s common to see an array of open-concept storage solutions: sprawling walk-in bedroom closets, open shelving in hallways and corners, doorless kitchen pantries, and other designs that put your stuff front and center. 

As a result, beauty is as important as function. This means you might need some expert help to design a storage solution that can handle the public scrutiny.

Add a long, luxurious open shelf made of handsome hardwood. Paint your closets with gorgeous custom colors to match the overall decor of your home. Every square inch of storage space can be enhanced with baskets, boxes and other solutions that blend function with style.

Statement Hardware

Another big trend in closets is adding unique and quirky hardware far beyond what’s found in any home improvement store. Instead of putting basic brass hooks on the wall, why not add something fun and funky like snake-shaped hooks?

Choose hardware that’s handpainted, hand-forged in metal, created from blown glass or crafted to match the vintage look of your home. It’s not necessary to go with custom choices for every hinge and screw, but it’s a great idea for knobs, hooks, handles and other noticeable hardware.

Find statement hardware online from a site like, or reach out to a custom closet designer who has connections to all kinds of interesting suppliers and specialists.

For Kids, Try Kindercore

Have you heard of the new design movement called kindercore? New York Magazine calls kindercore a modernist design movement that is “focused entirely on simplicity and primary colors.” Picture blocky lego shapes in basic reds, blues and yellows, all carefully constructed with artistic minimalism.

It’s a terrific option for a simple, classic child’s closet. Settle on your primary colors, then turn your focus to creating a sleek, stylish storage system to organize your kid’s clothes, shoes, toys, sports gear and everything else.

Pick a Dynamic Pattern

Dynamic shapes are also on the rise because they add visual texture and movement to your home design. Herringbone patterns, which are very popular in kitchen and bathroom tile, can be incorporated right into your closet storage too.

For example, instead of installing plain flat drawer fronts and cabinet doors, choose something that’s patterned or textured. Add a light fixture that has bold geometric lines. Create a patterned accent wall that has the dual purpose of looking stylish and showing off your purse collection.

Bye-Bye, Bland

As 2020 dawns, designers are seeing an end to “the greige years” of the 2000s when neutral tones were the go-to choice for home design. Neutrals like beige, grey and tan could be on their way out. 

This means if you’re refreshing your closet this year, it’s a good idea to go bold instead of going bland. Choose solid black shelves that create a dramatic backdrop for your colorful sweaters and jeans. Design a bright built-in armoire with dazzling metal hardware. The bolder the better.

Need Ideas? Ask Diplomat Closet Design.

If your home lacks ample storage space, contact the design experts at Diplomat Closet Design. We’ve helped hundreds of people find unexpected and affordable ways to use custom storage solutions. Let’s get your home ready for winter.

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