Kid Closet Organization Tips from the Best Closet Designers

Your child’s closet is unlike every other closet in the house because it’s just for them. The more you can tailor it to their needs, the more they’ll stay organized and keep their room clean.

At Diplomat Closet Design, we’ve designed lots of kids’ closets so we know what works and what doesn’t. Here are some helpful tips that will improve the organization of your child’s closet.

Keep Their Height in Mind

Kids Closet

Make sure you’re keeping the focus down low, where little hands can reach. Set clothing rods and drawers low to the ground so they can access their own clothes each day.

An adult’s clothing rod is typically 66 inches from the ground, but this is far too high for a child. Install a child’s clothing rod no more than 30 inches from the floor for little children and up to 48 inches for a preteen.

A low focus makes the closet height-friendly and also prevents anything from toppling over on top of your child. For added peace of mind, all of our closet systems are securely fastened to the wall.

Have Fun With Color

Kids love color! Arrange their clothing by color and suddenly they’re playing a fun game each day to stay organized. 

Here are some options for color-coding a kid’s closet:

  • Hang their clothing along a rod according to the colors of the rainbow.
  • Add cubby-style open shelves that are painted to match the clothes they store: green clothes go on the green shelf, blue clothes go on the blue shelf, etc.
  • Install a large, easy-sliding drawer that’s just for their favorite color of clothes.
  • If nothing else, paint the interior of the closet their favorite color so it’s always something they love to see.

Give Your Kids Closet a Dual Purpose

If floor space is tight in your kid’s room, a closet can do double duty. It’s all about installing the right custom pieces to ensure your child is getting the most out of the space.

Save Space and Money With Custom Solutions

One last tip: Creativity goes a long way when it comes to closets. A creative and experienced closet designer helps you get the most out of your child’s closet space while you get the most bang for your buck.

Browse our baby closet organization tips, kid-to-teen closet ideas, and our online gallery of closets to find more inspiration for kids’ closets. Then connect with a closet design expert to start designing your child’s closet.

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