How to Choose a Custom Closet Design Company in Chester County, Pa.

Here in Chester County, Pa., we have some of the most beautiful and historic homes on the eastern seaboard.  So when it’s time to create a custom closet, it’s important to consider the quality and expertise your closet designer provides. The right company can design and install a high-quality custom closet that suits you perfectly.…

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Storage Innovations: Custom Cedar Closet Design

Imagine pulling a sweater out of your closet and smelling a burst of fresh, aromatic cedar. This is the exhilarating experience you get from a custom cedar closet design, which allows you to store clothing in a space that always smells clean and invigorating. Cedar closets are ideal for long-term and out-of-season storage. You can…

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Preparing for Winter: Four Storage Design Essentials

Right about now, most people are putting away the holidays – the decorations, the wrapping paper, the special dishes and serving plates – and those lovingly thought-out presents that suddenly need a place to live. The time has come to get the house back to normal again so you can curl up and enjoy the cozy winter months.

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Beautiful Custom Closet Design Ideas Seen in West Chester, PA

West Chester, Pennsylvania is famous for its historic charm and welcoming, small-village atmosphere. West Chester homes come in many shapes and sizes, all with a quaint yet stately style you won’t find anywhere else. Inside these character-filled homes, you’ll find rooms that follow old-fashioned floor plans. In fact, that’s what West Chester homeowners love about…

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Garage Organization Makeover Ideas

Garage Makeover Organization Ideas (With Photos)

If you’re like most people, your garage is basically a big, cluttered box. Although the average U.S. garage is 288 to 392 square feet, most people don’t take full advantage of it as an organizational and living space. And sometimes, people feel their garage is so far gone that they really can’t envision garage makeover…

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Main Line Laundry & Mudroom Design

Mudroom And Laundry Room Design Ideas (With Photos)

Is your mudroom a mess? Is your laundry room cluttered and chaotic? Or are you totally lacking a laundry room or mudroom at all? We’ve got you covered with loads of mudroom and laundry room design ideas. One thing is for sure: These spaces help people stay organized and enjoy their homes. The average household…

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Walk-In Closet Designs Seen On The Main Line

Pennsylvania’s Main Line is home to some of the country’s oldest and most beautiful architecture. In this densely-populated historic area, living space is at a premium and new home construction is at a minimum. A Main Line walk-in closet is on every main liner’s renovation projects. If you love historic houses bursting with gorgeous period…

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Mudroom Designs For Homes In The Main Line, West Chester, Malvern, Exton

Mudroom Organization: A Back To School Guide

Back-to-school season is back-to-clutter season for many households. Suddenly, there’s stuff everywhere: backpacks, laptops, books, sports gear, school clothes, and everything else your kids need for their activities. If your family’s mudroom organization technique includes sliding backpacks onto the floor and crashing them into a tangle of shoes, this article is for you. So what…

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Custom Closets: Designs From Real Homes Near Malvern, Exton, And West Chester

Don’t you wish you could peek into your neighbors’ closets and see how all their stuff is organized? Great news: Now you can.  At Diplomat Closet Design, we’ve installed custom closets in some of the most beautiful homes in Malvern, Exton, and West Chester, Pennsylvania. Here’s a look at some of the best and most…

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Custom Closets: 4 Things To Consider During A Walk-In Closet Makeover

Are you making over a walk-in closet? Good news: You’re living the dream. Poor storage space is the #1 pet peeve of 67% of U.S. homeowners. It’s not just that people don’t have enough storage space; it’s that they aren’t using it wisely. HGTV’s home design expert Hilary Farr, who stars in “Love it or…

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