Mudroom And Laundry Room Design Ideas (With Photos)

Is your mudroom a mess? Is your laundry room cluttered and chaotic? Or are you totally lacking a laundry room or mudroom at all? We’ve got you covered with loads of mudroom and laundry room design ideas.

One thing is for sure: These spaces help people stay organized and enjoy their homes. The average household does 8 to 10 loads of laundry a week and needs plenty of storage space for dozens of coats, jackets, shoes, hats, purses, and more. 

Although the average square footage of a new home has doubled since the 1970s, research shows people don’t feel any happier with their homes today than they did back then. One of the top complaints is not enough storage space

Diplomat Closet Design has designed numerous stylish laundry and mudrooms, and we’ve seen it all in terms of space and storage needs. When it comes to mudroom and laundry room design ideas, we’ve done it all, too. Let’s look at how having an organized, customized laundry or mudroom can improve your lifestyle. 

Laundry Rooms With Style and Function

Laundry rooms are so popular, 95% of all home buyers request a separate laundry room in their list of requirements for a house. A laundry room allows us to keep baskets of laundry out of our bedrooms and hallways and right where we need them: near the washer and dryer.

Although most laundry rooms were built in the basement or lower level of homes until the late 1990s, 61% of laundry rooms are now located on the upper levels. It’s just so much easier to dash over to the nearby laundry room, switch a load of laundry from the washer to the dryer, and continue on with our day.

Laundry rooms can hold much more than just a washer and dryer. Add a long countertop and you have a built-in place to sort and fold laundry. Include a high shelf with a rod, and there’s a spot for extra cleaners, hangers, towels, and more.

Space-Saving Solutions

If you’re not sure where to put a laundry room in your home, take a moment to consider the oddball spaces in your home. Are you sure you couldn’t tuck a laundry room into an unused corner in the den? Is there space by the garage door?

Today’s best laundry rooms are all about making smart use of the space. Use a mix of storage and organizational options, like cabinets, shelves, cubbies, and under-seat storage.

A professional room designer can examine your space, make design suggestions, and help you get the most out of every square inch. They’ll instantly see available space you never noticed before, opening up your options for adding a laundry room or mudroom.

Don’t worry if you don’t have room for a side-by-side washer and dryer or a super-long countertop. There are many options for high-quality stackable dryer/washer units that save floor space. And even a small counter can bring big functionality to your room.

Remember all the little details like the hardware: hooks, hangers, and other specialty holders that further increase the functionality of your room. Large well-placed hooks, for example, can hold everything from dirty towels to high-fashion purses, depending on your family’s needs.

Consider adding a sink somewhere in the laundry room too. It can be a huge help on laundry day and every day in between, especially when you need to do dirty jobs like cleaning boots or tackling stubborn stains.

Mud? No Problem in a Mudroom

If you don’t have a mudroom yet, you’re really missing out. These are the perfect little rooms for storing shoes, hanging up wet and snowy coats, and simply having a place to set down your purse or groceries when you come indoors.

In fact, mudrooms are the new “it” spaces according to recent trend reports. Homebuyers want to have them in their new homes, and homeowners want to add them to their existing homes. 

Mudroom designs are quite flexible and range from tiny coatroom-style spaces to fully decked-out dressing rooms. It really just depends on how you’ll use the mudroom. How much storage space do you need? Should the room stand on its own or blend with your overall decor?

Oddly enough, it can be difficult to know exactly which kinds of features to put in a mudroom. It’s one of those unusual rooms many people have little experience with, so it’s hard to know how to plan one out. 

Sound familiar? If so, take a look at our article about mudrooms you’ll love. We also offer helpful tips for keeping laundry rooms and mudrooms clean.

Designing a Laundry Room or Mudroom

When you need help designing a storage space in your home, connect with the experts at Diplomat Closet Design. We do laundry rooms, mudrooms, closets, and more. Our design professionals and Pennsylvania builders will work together with you to create exactly the space you desire.

We frequently travel to homes in Chadds Ford, Kennett Square, Malvern, Exton, Downingtown, Wayne, Devon, King of Prussia, the entire Main Line and more. 

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