3 Ideas For Creating A Mudroom You’ll Love

The best mudrooms are a beautiful combination of form and function. Sure, it’s a place to kick off your muddy boots, but it’s also a space that should feel as enjoyable as the rest of your home.

Don’t have a mudroom? Are you sure? Almost any home has a spot to tuck a mudroom-style nook: within the front entryway, in the hallway, off a back porch, next to a side door, or by the door to the garage. All it takes is some creativity and custom touches.

Mudroom Tip #1- Open and Hidden Shelving

Shelving is essential in a mudroom. It keeps everything organized, from shoes to mail. Consider adding a variety of hidden and open shelving. This makes it easy to hide clutter behind closed doors but keep frequently-used items within reach.

Work with a custom closet design company to create shelving that is perfectly tailored to your mudroom. Maybe you need slide-out shelves for purses and sunglasses. Perhaps you wear extra-tall boots that need oversize shelving.

A bench with storage underneath adds a spot to rest, plus a place to store out-of-season shoes and boots. A tall, slim cabinet allows you to hide a Swiffer or mop nearby, to sop up any messes.

Add some natural-weave baskets on shelves for a practical and fashionable touch. Incorporate shiny cabinet pulls for a designer look. Use live-edge wood for a rustic touch. Virtually anything is possible with custom shelving.

Mudroom Tip #2- Hooks and Holders

Don’t forget to add hooks, knobs, and other holders to your mudroom design. These humble bits of hardware can do heavy-duty work in the mudroom. Here are some ideas to spark inspiration.

  • Add a row of 3 to 6 double hooks along the mudroom wall for purses, scarves, and hats.
  • Install a few low, child-safe hooks for children’s backpacks and gym bags.
  • Heavy-duty hooks and holders can hold wet shoes up off the floor as they dry.
  • In a very small space, select cabinet hardware that can double as a hook.
  • Opt for fold-away hooks that are only extended while in use.
  • To keep your mail and keys organized, install a letter holder with hooks.
  • If you have a dog, add an oversize hook or knob for the leash.

Mudroom Tip #3- Fully Integrated Decor

One thing is for sure: You’ll love your mudroom more if it complements your home’s decor.

Barney Maier, a renowned architect, says, “The mudroom is the new foyer. As we’ve become more casual in the way we live, side and rear entrances – often adjacent to the garage – have become de facto main entryways into the home.”

This means your mudroom shouldn’t be a dark, sad place. It should be fully integrated with your home’s overall style, from flooring to ceiling trim. Use wood that matches the rest of the house. Paint the walls a bright, fresh color.

This is a great place to add custom touches like beadboard, a chair rail, shaker-style cabinets, vintage hardware, or a statement light fixture. If it makes you happy, add it to your mudroom and enjoy it every day.

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