Garage Makeover Organization Ideas (With Photos)

If you’re like most people, your garage is basically a big, cluttered box. Although the average U.S. garage is 288 to 392 square feet, most people don’t take full advantage of it as an organizational and living space. And sometimes, people feel their garage is so far gone that they really can’t envision garage makeover organization ideas on their own.

Let’s change that. Garages hold huge potential for storing your stuff, displaying your most beloved treasures, and even spending time on your favorite hobbies. When you give your garage a makeover, it amps up the appeal of the space and adds usable square footage to your home.

Here are some of the best garage makeovers we’ve seen in the West Chester, Pennsylvania area. 

Garage Makeover Organization Ideas – A Garage From Scratch

If you’re starting with a wide-open space, you have almost endless options for a garage makeover. But here’s our first tip: Resist the urge to jam-pack your garage full of wide shelves, especially if it’s a fairly small space.

Instead, you can add custom space-saving wall mounting solutions that allow the addition of hooks and clips in the exact spots you need them. Work with a custom storage design specialist to determine how your garage walls can meet your needs.

Consider also adding a set of cabinets and drawers somewhere in the space, so you have a handy worktop and can hide away small items and tools. With the addition of a handsome wood countertop, the space looks sleek and functional.

The Bicyclist’s Dream Garage

Any bicyclist would love to have a garage where the bike storage is built right into the space. The ideal spot is usually up on the ceiling, using special hooks or holders that can support the weight of the bike. This keeps it up out of the way for the day-to-day, but right at your fingertips when you’re ready to ride.

Add some custom flooring, built-in wood cabinetry, and a splash of color on the walls, and the garage truly feels like a room in your home. Talk to your garage designer about selecting durable-but-beautiful flooring that’s tough enough to handle traffic from bicycles, cars, and more.

The Collector’s Showroom

For a car enthusiast, all the focus should be on their favorite ride. In this garage, everything is kept above shoulder-level so there’s nothing that could rub up against the owner’s valuable vehicle. 

Wood cabinets are up out of the way, but still provide ample room for storing car care items. The modern-style black and white flooring in the photo above was selected to be tough and long-lasting, yet stylish enough to easily complement any vehicle parked on it.

Hobbies, Tools, and More

What if you need your garage to double as a hobby room or mechanic’s workspace? In this case, it’s all about carefully designing a work zone to meet your unique needs.

We recommend adding plenty of drawers, lots of tall cabinets and shelves, a long and sturdy countertop, and multiple options for task lighting. A custom wall-mounted tool storage system can also be a huge space saver in a garage like this.

Don’t forget to leave space for all the little stuff that will make the garage feel uniquely you. A workspace/garage combo might need details like:

  • Room for signs and photos
  • Built-in seating
  • A sink and/or refrigerator
  • A paper towel holder
  • A bottle/can opener
  • A knife sharpener
  • Gooseneck lamps and/or additional industrial-style lighting
  • Specialty hooks for tools and gear
  • Ergonomic solutions, including floor mats
  • HVAC and specialty ventilation/blowers
  • Safety locking cabinets for dangerous items/liquids

Great garage makeovers are all about the details. The better you plan in advance for your garage upgrade, the more you’ll love the end result. A professional designer can help you create a makeover plan that meets your needs and helps you get the most out of your garage.

To see more photos of garage makeovers, visit Diplomat Closet Design’s Garage Makeover Page or contact us to discuss giving your garage a fresh look.

We frequently travel to garages in Chadds Ford, Kennett Square, Malvern, Exton, Downingtown, Wayne, Devon, King of Prussia, the entire Main Line and more. 

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