Custom Closets: Designs From Real Homes Near Malvern, Exton, And West Chester

Don’t you wish you could peek into your neighbors’ closets and see how all their stuff is organized? Great news: Now you can. 

At Diplomat Closet Design, we’ve installed custom closets in some of the most beautiful homes in Malvern, Exton, and West Chester, Pennsylvania. Here’s a look at some of the best and most inspiring custom closets we’ve helped local homeowners add to their spaces.

His and Hers Custom Closet

The his-and-hers (or his-and-his, or hers-and-hers) closet trend is hot and here to stay. It’s one of the most-requested closet layouts because it provides organizational solutions for the diverse needs of a couple. 

These closets can be designed in many ways. A 50/50 split in the space is most common. This promotes equality and allows for plenty of flexibility in developing details that match each person’s desires. Overall, however, the closet maintains a cohesive look. 

But a 50/50 split isn’t for everyone. If one of the two people has more clothes than the other, or if someone has a massive shoe collection, the space can be carefully subdivided to best meet each person’s needs.

A Custom Corner Closet

What if you don’t have space for a full walk-in closet? No problem. A corner of the room can become a custom closet instead. Add drawers, shelves, hanging rods, a mirror, and even some space for knickknacks. 

Actually, a corner space offers a big benefit over other designs: the corner itself, which is perfect for deep shelving. It’s the perfect spot for bulky sweaters, folded stacks of jeans, and oversized handbags.

Treasures Kept Under Glass

Do you have jewelry or watches that need tender loving care? Create a custom closet with plenty of glassed-in areas that protect your treasures while allowing them to be easily viewable. Clear or frosted glass can cover drawer tops, cabinet fronts, doors, and even countertops.

You can even add features like break-resistant glass, locks, and a security system. Almost anything is possible with a custom closet, so it’s easy to blend security with beauty.

Bursting With Shelves and Drawers

Check out the mass quantity of shelves and drawers in this custom closet. Doesn’t it just make you want to tuck all your belongings right into it, then stand back and admire your work?

This is the closet organizer’s dream: ample space for every little item. Each nook is specially designed to fit this homeowner’s exact belongings, from stiletto pumps to designer handbags. 

Plus, wood countertops and seating make it feel more like an actual room in the house than just a closet. The stylish ceiling light adds to this effect.

The Closet Hideaway

If your closet space is small or lacking in natural light, don’t worry. Lighting is easy to add to a custom closet and brighten things up. Your closet can become a cozy hideaway for all your clothes, shoes, and accessories. 

This closet shows a sophisticated use of dark woodwork and trim. Not only does the homeowner have plenty of space for both casual and work clothes, but he also has extra display shelves for personal belongings that are meaningful to him.

Maximizing Closet Space

One of the biggest benefits of designing a custom closet is being able to maximize the use of every square inch of space. Create custom-sized shelves and hanging spaces that extend from the floor to the ceiling. Take advantage of every nook and cranny.

You can even install a central bureau or dressing table in the space, further adding storage and style to the room. When you opt for a custom closet, each design decision is 100% your own and the closet can be completely tailored to your needs.


How to Add Custom Storage to Your Home

If you’re feeling inspired to add a custom closet to your home in Malvern, Exton, West Chester, and surrounding areas, connect with Diplomat Closet Design

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