Ready to Sell? 4 Kitchen Upgrades That Add Style and Value

“Wow!” Isn’t that what every homeowner wants a potential buyer to say when they see their kitchen? Every home needs a certain “wow” factor that draws high-dollar offers and ultimately seals the deal on the sale. That’s why 50% of all U.S. homeowners include the kitchen in a home renovation. It’s one of the most…

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4 Ways to Rehab Your Reach-in Closets This Summer

It’s summertime! So go have fun at the beach while we give your closets a makeover! Here are four of the best upgrades we’ve seen for reach-in closets. Although a reach-in closet might be small, it can handle big-time storage with a fresh layout from a closet design expert. 1- The Fashionista’s Boudoir Closet Upgrade…

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open kitchen shelving

3 Smart Pantry Solutions to Make the Most of Your Space

Is your pantry a slacker? Could it be doing more to live up to its full potential?  Most pantries have significant wasted space that could be used to store food, drinks, appliances, serving ware, and much more. So let’s look at some smart solutions for organizing your pantry and getting the most out of it.…

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Simple Basement Enhancements to Make Before Listing Your Home

Simple Basement Enhancements to Make Before Listing Your Home Are you putting your home on the market soon? If so, now’s the perfect time to do some simple things to improve its value and attract interested buyers. And it pays to start in the basement. Why? Because basements have ample space for extra storage, which…

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Home Office Update

Designing Your Home Office for Hybrid Work

The latest buzzword in the working world is “hybrid” — a blend of at-home and in-the-office work. Hybrid work has quickly become the new normal, with about 55% of U.S. employees preferring to work from home at least three days a week. Can your existing home office handle this kind of pressure? Probably not!  Let’s…

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Give Your Neighbors Garage Envy with These Built-Ins

Is your garage wow-ing the neighbors for all the wrong reasons? If it’s cluttered and dirty, it’s a bit embarrassing for anyone to see it! But the whole neighborhood gets a glimpse every time your garage door opens. Garages are usually located front-and-center in modern homes, so your garage is like a giant window into…

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Beautiful Wet Bars to Enhance Home Entertaining

A wet bar adds a swanky entertainment element to your home and although it feels indulgent, it can be done rather affordably. Plus, a wet bar can go almost anywhere – in your basement, entertainment room, den, or even out in your back yard. What makes it “wet” is its plumbing for a sink and…

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Give Your Garage a Spring Storage Makeover

Is your garage sparkling clean and ready for spring? If not, read on!  And don’t worry – your messy garage is perfectly normal. The National Association of Professional Organizers did a study that showed 50% of homeowners view the garage as the most disorganized place in their home. So this spring, refresh your garage and…

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Inventive Kitchen Island Storage Solutions

Are you daydreaming about a beautiful island? Not a vacation getaway – we’re talking about a dreamy new kitchen island! A smart, stylish, custom-designed island can completely transform your kitchen. It gives everyone a place to gather, creates more cooking and dining space, and adds the ample storage every kitchen needs. Plus, it gives your…

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Spring Cleaning? How to Organize a Toy Room or Playroom

It’s springtime! Now’s the perfect time to freshen up your child’s play area. Toy rooms and playrooms are known for attracting plenty of grime and clutter. This year, why not take your spring cleaning to the next level? When you reorganize a playroom with creative storage solutions, it’s easier to keep it clean and clutter-free…

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