Stuck at Home? Try These 5 Organization Ideas

The COVID-19 pandemic has dramatically reshaped the home life of most Americans. Suddenly, we’re spending a huge amount of time at home and trying to blend work, school, and everything else into one physical space.

If you’re struggling to stay organized and keep your household running smoothly, you’re not alone. It’s a global problem right now. That’s why Diplomat Closet Design is sharing 5 ways to help you stay organized during the crisis, as well as virtual appointments with a designer on our team.

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1- Customize Your Home Office

A clean, organized home office makes working from home much more manageable. Your home office should suit your individual work needs and also support a good work-life balance.

For example, if you frequently deal with a lot of printouts and paper packets, create an area of your office where you can stack papers and keep everything tidy. A long worktable provides extra space and prevents your work papers from exploding into the family dining room.

To keep control of clutter, it’s important to ensure that everything has a place. Consider adding custom storage solutions like deep drawers, open shelving, cabinets, and a custom closet organizing system.

2- Take Advantage of Your Garage Storage

Need extra storage for emergency supplies? There’s plenty of potential space hiding in your garage! 

Of course, you might have to dig a path through the clutter first. The average garage has about 576 square feet of floor space, which is easily filled by a variety of household junk.

A weekend is a perfect time to reorganize your garage since this task usually takes some time. We suggest creating garage storage zones for certain types of items, like sports equipment, holiday decor, emergency supplies, and so forth.

3- Organize Your Overstocked Pantry

If your kitchen pantry is like most Americans’, it was already crowded before the global pandemic caused us all to buy even more food. The amount of food storage in the average home has been on the rise for years. Between 2016 and 2019, the amount of money spent on home food storage rose from $525 million to $565 million.

Despite the popularity of fast food and services like DoorDash, plenty of meals are still prepared at home. About 50% of Americans home-cook at least three to five dinners per week. 

So how’s your pantry? Is it a jumbled mess? When a pantry is bursting at the seams, often it just needs an organizational overhaul to make it more useful. 

Consider adding extra shelving near the ceiling and custom-designed shelves that fit your specific storage needs. Maximize the use of space, and you might just discover your pantry is bigger than you thought.

4- Find Bonus Space in Walk-in Closets

Here’s something to consider: Would a custom closet organization system make your walk-in closets more useful? 

While a walk-in closet is one of the most popular home features, it’s usually just a big, empty box. To stay organized, you’ll need some custom shelving and storage features.

A custom organization system is individually built to suit your household. If you need lots of storage for shoes, hobbies, or sports gear, you can build it all right into any walk-in closet. Viola! Lots more storage space.

5- Energize Your Entertainment Space

Finally, don’t forget about your entertainment room. When you’re cooped up at home, having a cozy TV room can be a comfort to the whole family. 

Do you have an unused basement? Or a formal dining room you rarely use? One of these areas could become a relaxing entertainment room your family uses every day.

  • Build an entertainment center around your TV to hold a videogame system.
  • Create custom shelving for books and board games. 
  • Drawers can hold cords, adapters, and other extras.
  • A countertop makes space for a popcorn machine or candy jars.
  • Add a hidden magnetic dartboard behind a cabinet door. 
  • Make a charging station for your phones and other devices.

The possibilities are almost endless when it comes to your entertainment storage options.

We hope you feel inspired to do some organizing while you’re spending so much time at home. For more storage ideas, connect with the experts at Diplomat Closet Design. 

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