Need Your Own Space for Zoom Calls and More? Try These Home Office Hacks

The COVID-19 pandemic created an urgent need for home offices. Suddenly, families are crammed together 24/7, trying to handle school, work, and everything else from their laptops and cell phones.

In the past few months, Zoom use rose from 10 million to 300 million and children in more than 20 countries started using it for the first time. Today, about 56% of working adults are working from home at least part of the time, and around 30% may continue doing so for months or years to come.

Space is now at a premium in our homes. So let’s look at some home office hacks and inspirational ideas for making good use of unused space around the house.

A Desk in a Nook

desk home office

You don’t have to dedicate an entire room to your home office. Find a small nook and turn it into an efficient office space by adding built-in features.

With a desktop, some drawers, a comfortable chair, and a handsomely-framed piece of art, you have an instant office that looks professional on Zoom. A good woodworker can build this type of system into almost any space in your home that’s at least 4 feet wide and 3 feet deep.

A Crafty, Creative Home Office

creative home office hacks

Do you work in a creative field? Or do you share videos on YouTube and social media? If so, you can turn a hobby room, guest bedroom, or even a laundry room into a photogenic home office that supports your creativity.

Add cabinets to hide the clutter and countertops that work multi-functionally. A white office is a good choice for people in creative fields because it keeps the focus on your work. White also looks good on camera and encourages your audience to focus on you rather than the background.

Build it Behind Closed Doors

home office hacks behind a door
office ideas

Sometimes all you need is some extra storage space for your work stuff. A built-in system with doors and drawers provides plenty of storage while keeping everything out of sight. In fact, a system like this can be built right into the footprint of an existing closet or empty wall.

Ask a closet designer to create a custom-built storage closet that’s tailored to fit your needs. They can even add touches that make your daily work life easier, like a hidden device charging station, cord storage, and file drawers.

Look to Your Kitchen for Inspiration

home office hack ideas

HGTV suggests thinking about your office storage the same way you think about your kitchen storage: everything has its place. A home office is so much easier to use when everything is right at your fingertips, always waiting there when you need it.

Use bins and baskets to keep your odds and ends organized, and install custom-height shelves for each set of containers. The result is a neat, uniform look that’s as functional as your kitchen pantry.

Hardware and Storage Hacks

hardware for storage
sectioned drawers

Get the most out of your home office by taking advantage of every little space you have available. Add hooks and clips to hold scissors, tools, cords, and more. To maintain a stylish look, match the hardware to the other decor throughout your home.

If your work involves lots of small parts and pieces, organize them with custom-designed sectioned drawers. A woodworker can create a storage system where everything fits together and slides away into cabinets, keeping it out of sight when you’re off the clock.

Have a Home Office Hack to Share?

We’d love to hear more about your home office storage ideas. To turn your ideas into reality, contact Diplomat Closet Design. We have a team of talented closet designers and woodworkers who can make your storage dreams come true.

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