Walk-In Closet Designs: The Best Ideas (With Pictures)

A beautiful walk-in closet design can change your life. That’s no exaggeration. With a walk-in closet, you can stow away more stuff, stay more organized, and feel more peaceful and refreshed every day. It’s no wonder that walk-in closets are the #2 most desirable feature in U.S. homes. 

But most of us aren’t pleased with our current lack of closet space. A recent survey found that 44% of people can’t find things in their closets, 57% say they wish they had better closet space, and 10% feel depressed each time they open their closet doors.

Let’s fix that. Diplomat Closet Design is here to improve your closets and add the storage space you need to stay organized and energized. Here are some of the best walk-in closet designs we’ve seen lately.

The Shoe Collector’s Closet

Do you collect high-end high heels? Stylish knee boots? Lots of colorful athletic shoes? If so, this is the closet design of your dreams. It’s a full walk-in closet, including clothing racks and hidden storage drawers. But here, the focus is primarily on the shoe shelves.

Throughout the closet, shelves are installed at various heights to accommodate all types of footwear. There’s a special shelf for cowboy boots, several shelves for high heels and wedges, and even some low, short shelves made especially for thin flip-flops. Hundreds of shoes are packed into this mini-room.

Imagine strolling through this closet each morning and pondering which pair of shoes to select for the day. Each item of footwear is perched in its place, right within your view.

Bohemian Beauty in a Narrow Space

What if you have a space that’s not too wide, but very long? Here’s a solution that’s totally tailored to the owner’s personal tastes.

Length-wise and height-wise, this walk-in closet stretches across a significant amount of square footage. But there’s not much width, so the closet has plenty of hanging rods and up-high shelves with space for boxes. 

Because this homeowner has lots of jewelry and other accessories, she also has custom storage solutions that combine functionality with a touch of whimsy. For example, the bureau includes a painted bracelet holder.

A Handsome Dressing Room

Make no mistake: Walk-in closets aren’t just for women. Here’s an example of a men’s walk-in closet design that combines complete functionality with sleek style.

The deep wood tones provide a dark contrast to dress shirts and suits. It’s easy to view all of his clothing in the space, but most of his belongings are actually tucked neatly away within drawers and custom shelves.

There’s even a window seat where he can rest for a moment and tie his shoes. Within the seat, there’s extra storage for shoe shining supplies, shoelaces, and other gear. 

Light, Bright, and White

With warm lighting, mirrors, and satiny white surfaces, this closet absolutely gleams with storage options. While it doesn’t use a large footprint of space, every square inch is custom-designed for maximum storage.

For example, look at the doors that pop open to reveal custom storage inside. Some of the shelves, as well as the door backs, are lined in black velvet. This provides visual contrast and allows the homeowner’s jewelry and accessories to shine.

Velvet lined inserts in drawers also provide dozens of slots for rings, earrings, and other tiny treasures. In this closet, everything has its place and is easy to find.

The Athlete’s Upscale Locker Room

If you look closely at this closet, you’ll see trophies, a guitar, athletic gear, and even a gumball machine. It’s all artfully displayed in this sophisticated walk-in closet, so it feels more like a swanky lounge than a locker room.

This is the perfect master bedroom closet for a golfer, a musician, or anyone who wants their walk-in closet to reflect a bit of personal flair. Display knickknacks on the shelves, keep daily wear within easy reach, and add an ottoman with some rugs to keep everything comfortable.

The Boutique Closet

This walk-in closet design looks as good as any high-fashion boutique. Purses are displayed behind glass and accessories are ready to roll out of their drawers. Getting dressed in this closet every morning is just like going shopping.

Here’s something you might not realize at first glance: This is actually a his-and-hers closet. Peek behind the closet doors, and you’ll find an array of hats, suits, blouses, and jewelry, all carefully divided into separate spaces for the homeowners.

Did you notice all of the gold hardware? That’s part of what makes the space feel luxe, along with a gold chandelier and elegant woodwork.

A Closet That Grows With Your Child

A child’s closet can be just as beautiful and organized as an adult’s. Here’s an example of a great walk-in closet design for a child of any age.

When they’re young, keep hanging clothing down at their level, so it’s easy to pick out an outfit in the morning before school. Drawers and shelves hold plenty of kids’ clothing and accessories, and it’s all built right into the walls for safety. Nothing will ever fall over in this room.

This style of walk-in closet design doesn’t require much floor space, but it offers a huge amount of storage. Add it to a corner or nook in your child’s room and they’ll enjoy it for years to come.

The Couture Closet

Louis Vuitton. Alexander McQueen. Prada. These are just some of the high-fashion names you’ll see in this couture closet. It’s a richly-decorated space that emphasizes the design and beauty of the homeowner’s belongings.

Considerable thought has gone into the layout of this closet because it accommodates such a wide variety of valuable clothing and so many delicate accessories. For example, there’s a set of divided cubbies for expensive watches, complete with tiny pillows where each one can rest.

This is the kind of closet for someone who treasures walking through their own personal wonderland. It’s a private getaway that makes it a pleasure to get dressed every day.

Do You Have a Walk-in Closet Dream?

If you’re feeling inspired by the stylish closets we’ve shared here, connect with Diplomat Closet Design to discuss your ideas and achieve a killer walk-in closet design for you. We can work with any shape, size, or style, and make your walk-in closet dream come true.

Although our facility is based in West Chester, PA, we are pleased to travel to your home for a complimentary design consultation. We frequently travel to homes in Chadds Ford, Kennett Square, Malvern, Exton, Downingtown, Wayne, Devon, King of Prussia, the entire Main Line and more.  Contact us today for your custom closet organization solution!

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