Resolved to Get Organized in 2016? – Part I: Succeed with a Customized Solution

It’s that time of year again when we count down the minutes of the old year and make grand plans for the incoming, new year. Typically, these New Year’s resolutions include goals to improve our personal appearance, and reorganized our living spaces to make them look better, and function more efficiently. Getting organized typically ranks between the second and fifth on the scale of the most popular resolutions.

Sadly, most New Year’s resolutions fail by the end of the same year. More than 60% of twenty-year-olds and over 80% or fifty-year-old fail to meet their resolutions by year-end because the goals are vague or unrealistic, and do not motivate a sustained change in behavior. Innately, you know you should be more organized, more clutter free and more focused on a process to keep your spaces clear of clutter. It is the process of getting organized and staying there that seems daunting.

What is the difference between people with organized living spaces, and those who only wish to be? Those who succeed have these two key features:

1) They break their goal down into smaller, actionable sections, focusing on the process of achieving them.

2) They get support from experts.

It is easier to stick with a goal of cleaning up the master bedroom closet, than to imagine tackling every closet in your home.  It also is simpler budget-wise to handle the makeover step by step.

One of the best ways to get your space organized is to ensure that you have a place for your most important items. Diplomat Closet Design uses an effective process to create unique, personalized solutions for your storage needs. We work with you to determine how you will use the your items so that your storage solution is compatible with your organizational style.

You can imagine that a storage solution is like the infrastructure of a building – it gives you a support system. You can then group your most used items into common categories the way a builder subdivides a house into rooms. For example, if the structure is for a clothes closet, then the system divides up your full-length items from shirts, pants, skirts and jackets. Further, use of specific storage solutions can keep your drawers organized, and your shoes and accessories visible.

Similar to a building’s structure, a customized closet design is simple, elegant and blends into the overall home décor. It is intended to stage your personal items in ways that showcase them as treasures. It is important to realize that you need to be selective on what you keep in your custom design closet or storage space.  Ultimately, organizing your space will require that you evaluate which items to keep because are truly treasured, and which to discard because they have outlived their useful purpose for you or your home.

In Part II: Small Changes That Add Up to Big Gains When Keeping Closet Organized, we discuss tips and custom solutions to help you maintain an organized space.

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