How to Optimize Your Garage to Store Your Holiday Decor

Can you guess how much the average person spends on their holiday decorations? Would you guess $250? $500?

It’s way more than that. The average person spends $1,050 on holiday decorations like ornaments, wreaths, figurines, and strands of lights. Consumer research shows that some people spend as much as $600 on outdoor lighting alone

When the holidays are over, all of this stuff has to go somewhere for the rest of the year. The average American home already has about 300,000 items overflowing into the garage. In fact, 1 in 4 Americans can’t even park in their garages due to clutter! So let’s look at how you can optimize your garage to make it more useful. 

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Start With a Smart Storage System

One of the best starts to storing holiday decor is installing a garage wall storage system. This becomes the backbone of your entire storage plan, which you can then customize to your needs.

Wall storage systems vary in their designs and options, but a good system offers a wide variety of features that can be pieced together to suit your belongings. For example, if you have lots of holiday decor items stored in clear plastic bins, include large adjustable shelves or cubbyholes that will fit all your variously-sized bins.

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Give Everything a Perfect Place

Storage space always works best when everything has a place – meaning items aren’t crammed together in a mishmash, but are carefully arranged by item shape. This is especially important for holiday decor because it’s difficult to remember what’s what from year to year.

For something tall like an artificial Christmas tree, consider using a tree holder on rolling casters. When it’s time to pack it up, you can place it on the casters and roll it straight into a spot that’s designed to be just the right size.

There are tons of ways to store ornaments, but one of the most functional and beautiful is a handcrafted ornament storage chest. Usually made out of wood, these chests can be lined with something soft like velvet. Each ornament is tucked into its own little spot – plus, now you have a handmade chest that becomes a family heirloom.

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Consider Your Options for Custom Cabinets

Cabinets are a storage classic. They hide away the clutter behind closed doors so everything is out of sight, out of mind. With cabinets, holiday decor stays free of dirt and dust that naturally tends to build up in a garage.

Work with a custom cabinet builder who can measure your garage and find ways to incorporate the maximum number of cabinets. Your builder can also take measurements of your holiday storage boxes, bins, oversize items, and everything else that needs to go in the cabinets.

Your cabinets can be made of many types of materials like metal, wood, or an engineered material that is designed for durability. They can also be custom-fitted with interior features like slots, hooks, and clips that secure your holiday decorations.

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Make Security a Priority for Valuable Items

Unlike the rest of your home, your garage likely remains fully open to the street for periods of time. When you’re out doing yard work or the kids are playing outside, your garage door might be up and giving people a peek inside.

This is why it’s important to add security features to your garage storage space. For example, you can have locks installed on cabinets that hold your precious holiday treasures. You can even include a hidden storage locker that’s recessed between wall studs.

These measures might seem a little extreme, but there’s a reason we’re recommending them. Garages are one of the top entry points for burglars and the average property loss in a home burglary is about $2,250.

Optimize Now, Before the Holidays Hit

The holidays are a busy time for families. Now’s a great time to think ahead about your holiday storage possibilities and optimize your garage before things get hectic.

At Diplomat Closet Design, we’re happy to help you plan for the holidays. Contact us now for a virtual appointment.

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