Closets, Closets, Closets…

We’ve been very fortunate to have some of the greatest customers in the world. But even the bids that don’t go our way, we’re still genuinely happy that people are using the gift of organization! New construction is getting back on track and studies show that 30% of new homes are coming equipped with closet organization systems. That’s a pretty astounding statistic. Whether the population is downsizing or building their dream-home, organization has become a “must-have”. Either they’re utilizing every inch of possible space in order to store all of their belongings OR building a palace for their shoe collection that would rival Imelda Marcos.   That is the beauty of this product – there are all shapes and sizes to fit any space and budget.

Most of these closets are manufactured from a product called melamine. We use it for over 75% of our jobs and the product itself has come a very long way since early days of composite materials, like flakeboard and MDF. When we mention melamine, the first thing out of our customers’ mouth is usually “like Ikea furniture”? They think cheap product (white EVERYTHING) and may even drum up old memories of 1980’s kitchens with laminate countertops and doors that peel and flake, etc..   The product has certainly come a long way and is now a very nice alternative to real wood.   It’s easier to clean, easier to maintain and easier to fix any minor scratches and dents.   And it’s not just white. Companies like Uniboard and Tafisa, amongst others, have put a ton of $$ into R&D and are now producing textured wood-grain products that emulate real wood. They even have 5-piece door and drawer faces made from a textured foil product. You even have the option to mix-and-match melamine with wood trim and doors to give more of a custom piece, while still saving money! It’s about creativity and having an open mind to a substrate with a bit of a checkered past. So when you’re looking at ANY area of your house, make sure you team up with a design professional that can give you the proper recommendations that work for you!

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