Can a New Mudroom Help You Sell Your Home?

mudroom makeover

Welcome Buyers With Warmth and Style

An organized entryway gives a great first impression to prospective buyers. Because your entry is neat and stylish, they can step into your house and immediately visualize what it would be like to come home every day.

With a beautifully-built mudroom, your home rises to a higher level of organization that looks just like something out of a magazine’s pages. The space seems spacious and more move-in-ready because the mudroom is working its magic.

Clear the Clutter

Mudrooms are great for clearing clutter out of your other rooms. Gather up all of the boots, hats, coats, and bags, and tuck it all out of sight in your new mudroom.

People consistently rank clutter-free homes as more desirable than cluttered homes. Research shows clutter makes people feel more stressed, more anxious, more irritable, and less productive. People also associate clutter with negative lifestyle issues like weight gain, poor eating choices, and sleep problems.

So, clear your space and make everyone feel more positive about walking into your home. When you give more open visual space to potential buyers, they have an easier time picturing themselves living there.

Banish the Mud!

One of the biggest benefits of a mudroom is right in its name: mud control. Keep dirt out of the rest of the house and contain it within a defined space.

This is especially important if you have white carpet, light-colored wood floors, or gleaming tile that looks grimy with the slightest hint of dirt. A mudroom is also a huge benefit for families with young children who tend to attract mud everywhere they go.

Keep dirty boots and shoes hidden away in mudroom drawers. Hang work gear and sports gear behind on a coat rack or behind closed closet doors. Now your walls and floors stay cleaner and are ready to be seen by potential buyers at a moment’s notice.

Your Realtor Will Love Your Mudroom

Mudrooms are among the top features new home shoppers want because they offer storage space – often the #1 request buyers make to realtors. That’s why it’s common for realtors to say, “Storage space sells homes.”

If you add a mudroom with ample storage space, your realtor will love it because they know it will help sell your home fast. Make sure you include the new extra storage space right in your home listing with a note that says something like, “Brand-new mudroom adds 50 cubic feet of storage space.”

For maximum home sale-ability, we suggest creating a custom-designed space that closely coordinates with other rooms. Include matching baseboards, crown molding, flooring, and hardware that makes your mudroom feel just as welcoming as the rest of your home.

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